Walla Walla Onion Love

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Walla Walla Onion Love

how your sweetness

seasons soups and chilis

but I digress

let us speak of the farm boys and gals

who dance after work

in taverns or quiet kitchens at home

listening to the juke box or the radio.

I planted Onions once or twice

no where near Washington or Georgia (Vidalia)

no this was East Nashville.

There in my beds of many floral hues

I was graced with Onions rising and opening their

round lavender blooms along my chain link fence.

Now, I am in a room

looking at a wall hung with dragons, and tigers, and Faerie Alphabets, and meditating budda's

and a plate full of polar bears.

My screen gleams with words dancing past, as I remember it in fragments

like falling tears, and roaring laughter, and the sigh of the wind through the trees.

Walls keep people out like locked doors or hold mysteries inside

listen can you here the puppie barking beyond that wall there?

or see the balloons sailing towards the round white moon from beyond the other wall there.

Come sit with me inside these walls

and share a tiny story or three my Walla Walla Onion Love.

Created: Feb 20, 2014


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