God vs. the Devil---winner gets my soul!

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God vs. the Devil---winner gets my soul!

One summer, I was running away from my abusive boyfriend from New Mexico to Arkansas, where my parents were. I had packed my things away at a friends house a few items at a time for about 3 weeks. I had my boss hiding my tip money for me at work. Finally one night I went to work and new I was leaving right after my shift. I was going to get away.

I remember him calling me about half way through my shift and asking me "You are coming home aren't you?" I remember the fear, He knows, I almost didn't go. I told my boss and he gave me $320 they had gathered up over the last week from employees and regulars and told me to leave now, so I did, in the middle of the night in the car that I paid for that he put in his name.

I made it about 3 hours before I had to find somewhere to park and sleep. I remember the fear of him finding me, like he could somehow magically know where I was.

While passing through some town about 2 hours short of Tulsa, I picked up a hitch-hiker. He was a cowboy, nicely dressed and clean shaved. I remember his boots, they were brown snake skin, very shiney. He could of been a movie star. Turned out he was nuts! He proceeded to tell me how the FBI had kidnapped his dad because his dad was an ex FBI employee and new secrets about aliens and had been ready to come forth with his information when he disappeared. He was a millionaire he said, but he had wired all of his money to his mom to help find his dad and forgot to keep enough for a bus ticket, so here he was, hitchhiking across country as fast as he could to save his family from the FBI and the alien secrets.

I was getting really creeped out when I looked over and saw this long haired bearded hippy walking our direction on the side of the highway. He had this old green duffel bag, he and it looked as if they hadn't had a good washing in weeks. Something in me pulled over, I was thinking "what the hell safety in numbers" and decided it was best if I picked him up too. I swerved the car to a stop unnerving the cowboy a little.

He was a great guy, smart, funny and kind. He told these wonderful stories of the kindness of strangers he had come across in his journey to get to know himself. He spoke of the things people had done for him and how he tried to do something to always help them in return. He just seemed like such a genuine soul. I felt safe with him there, even though scrazy (means scary crazy I like to put words together) was in the front seat with me. The two of them spoke as if they knew each other, answering each others questions the way too frienamies argue over whose point makes more sense, or why the other one is not "getting it". Shortly after we pulled into Tulsa Oklahoma, my car started acting funny and broke down. The cowboy, telling us of his experience with engines tried to fix it but couldn't get it to stay started. It would turn over but the minute I let go of the gas it would die.

The hippy got out and leaned down at my window, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Promise me you will be more careful and stop picking up strangers, its not safe"

I felt the need to promise, and I knew as I said it that I really did mean it. "I promise, no more picking up hitchickers"

He walked to the front of the car and leaned into the engine, he leaned back up and told me to start the car. It started right up, right away, just like that. He came back to my window, "He and I have decided we are going to travel together for a while. We have things to discuss and both think it best if you go on your way, but remember what you promised me."

I have always felt that, that was the day God and the Devil fought for my soul. I consider it a miracle. It could of turned out really bad for me, but somehow the car didn't give me any more trouble and I made it safely to my parents in Arkansas.

In the past I had ran off and tried leaving the abusive boyfriend multiple times  only to find myself with him again, and again....until this time. This was the time that stuck...

After all, what more did I need than a sign from God?

Created: Feb 20, 2014


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