You just cant argue with a turtle!

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You just cant argue with a turtle!
ABC and LSD Bears are chasing me
and if I stop too long you see, a Gummie Bear will sit on me.

Into the rabbit hole I dove, covering my eyes,
thinking I was safe in there, because I was still alive

But breathing won't help keep you safe from running jellied bears,
not if you have anything, that they consider theirs

I know I should of left that turtle, standing there alone,
who care's if he, without his shell, is considered, naked, or without home?

He told me as he shivered so, he was lonely and he was cold
but you just cant argue with a turtle, at least thats what I'm told.

So when, , the turtle yelled, I knew I should have shut up then,
but then I argued with the Gummie Bears, who rose to stand by him!

They told me I was out of line, and acting rather rude,
and if I didn't apologize, they said they have ME zoo'd!!

Mee?? caged away by candied bears and a silly naked turtle,
Seemed to much for me to face, twas much to large a hurdle

"I'm the human in this all, AND WHAT I SAY MUST GO!!"
and thats how the jelly riot started, and then began to grow.

So now I'm in this rabbit hole, keeping out one eye,
for a naked turtle and Gummie Bears, always fucking up my high!

Created: Feb 20, 2014

Tags: poetry

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