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What if there was a place just like HITRECORD where people can work together to do something truly unique and beautiful? What if, at this place instead of collaborating artisticly, people collaborated in inventions and thoughts that could change the world? What if a person came up with an idea on how to change the world, but did not know what the next step was; or even where to begin. This is the idea that I have been brain storming, the following short essay explore the idea that if we work together on a project we can move the world with a single lever.

The idea is a place that has the same principle of HITRECORD where anyone can get on and join people on projects that may change the world. The fine details on this could range anywhere from community gardens in a box to wide spread power creation. Let call this a collaborative invention or idea farm. In this place making money is that last thing on peoples mind and better the world around them better is the biggest thought on the mind.

Instead of me creating this idea and plan, I want to open it up to you HITRECORD to join me in writing the plan. Let us come together and make this idea take off, and maybe we can change the world both artistically and scientifically.

Created: Feb 19, 2014

Tags: idea, essay, invention, non-fiction

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