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Challenge by AmuJama

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That's the first that rush through my head everyday when I wake up. Why do I live like this, for what reason do I wake at 7:30 AM everyday just to get to a shitty job as marketing assistant? I don't even like it! I hate it, it's like I don't have my own free will to decide what I want to do anymore. 

I probably should do something else, but what!? I have no idea it's like I've tried eveything until now. All the things that seems interesting just turn out to be boring as shit. 

The job as a firefighter was no succes, all I did was to put out the fire and people never thanked me. When I wasn't putting out a fire, all I ever did was sitting and waiting. Boring as hell. 

Even the job as a bartender sucked, just think about that. Serving drinks to hot chicks all night was what I thought was cool, right! But my opinion changed quickly. The ladies actually didn't want anything to do with me.. And working half the night and sleeping all weekend really wasn't my cup of tea.

I even tried on sports just to have a life besides the job in Walmart, but who likes cycling in rainy weather and I ALWAYS lost when I were cycling with the club. Then I thought triathlon would be more fun, because you know three types of sport would triple the fun right! "WRONG" It only meant three times the training, and I hated it big time.

And now I'm lying here trying to get out my bed for what reason? Just to get to my sucky job and come up with new stupid ideas to how we can make mothers buy stupid diapers by Pampers... Uhhhhhh I really don't want to get up. Maybe I should just take a day off... Or quit my job... I like that idea.. I'm shure it doesn't bother my boss that I don't call him to tell that I'm ill... Hmm better get back to sleep

Created: Feb 19, 2014

Tags: request, fiction, story

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