George’s Revenge (Challenge by Shuttersmith)

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“…and after you finish filing all the reports take my car to the mechanic, ask him to change the oil. I’ll be having lunch with Melanie at the Ivy. I expect the Conner file to be on my desk by the time I get back. I’m giving you a couple hours. Don’t fuck up, George. You’re walking on thin ice at this company. Frankly, I don’t know why I bother to keep you around. Impress me.”

“I’ve worked for you for three years without taking one day off. I’m very loyal Mr. Hackman. You can count on me.” Larry Hackman scoffed leaving George shaking and sweating. “Shit, shit, shit.” George mumbled, “I’ll never get a break. I’ll never get ahead much less a raise and a promotion. Think George, think.”

George thought about all the hard work he put into the company that Hackman got credit for, all the pretty girls that ignored him to flirt with his boss. It was more than the lack of pay, lack of respect and even the abuse he endured. George just couldn’t face the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Melanie, was actually going out to lunch with Hackman.

George went down to the garage and found Hackman’s Porsche. He got out his jack and equipment to bleed the brakes. The brake fluid and tiny bubbles slowly passed through the clear tubing. He repeated his mantra, “Don’t fuck up George.”

Melanie was waiting for Larry Ackerman to come downstairs as she sat in her car. Sure she felt bad about George but Larry was a go-getter and George a gofer. She had helped George as much as she could while they lived together but it was time to cut the apron strings.

“Hi Melanie, how are you?” George asked.

“Hi Georgie, I’m fine. Where’s Larry?”

“Didn’t you get my message? Last minute executive meeting, he won’t be able to make it. Why don’t I take you out to lunch instead? You drive my treat. “

Upstairs Larry was on the phone finishing up his call. He checked his messages. Human Resources meeting at 9 AM, Tuesday. Lunch with Phillip on Thursday. Melanie: “Meet me at the restaurant,” George: “Car is back in the garage. File on desk.” Larry went to the garage level to retrieve his car.

The funeral was within 24 hours, few shed tears for Ackerman. George was in attendance with Melanie who did shed tears. “I was just getting to know him. It’s such a shame.” She lamented.

“It’s a terrible loss, indeed.” George mumbled.

“Yes, especially since he was really going places. Did you know he was going to accept a new position at another company and take his right hand man with him? Do you know what that means George? That could have been you…or me. You see I was going to lunch with him the day he died to, well, take your job. “

“I thought you left me because you said you needed to grow?”

“I asked Larry to fire you, George. He didn’t want to do it but I was going to give him what he wanted if he did what I asked."

“What did he want from you?”

“Well, it wasn’t stock market tips. What does it matter? He’s dead and we’re both out of a job.”

“What do you mean I’m out of a job?”

“The company is closing the department down now that Larry is gone. He was the only reason they kept it up and running. That’s why he wanted to leave. “

“What did I ever do to make you hate me so much that you would stab me in the back like this?”

“You got in my way.”



Steph's wrote: I challenge you to write a story about someone who is out to seek revenge, but ends up being the victim of someone else seeking revenge on them instead. The length of this prose can be as long or as short as you like, good luck!  @Steph: Thanks for the challenge, it was a doozy. I rewrote, trashed so many versions that I think I had a stroke. This was the best I could come up with. ;)   

Created: Feb 18, 2014

Tags: revenge, story, murder, fiction, car, challenge

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