11:11 (and 10 seconds)

By iasiosee

on a railway clock

Finally, I was at the right time (and not just one minute too late :-)) at a railway station and could take a picture of the (here well-known) railway clock. So this is my contribution to the 11:11 collaboration, even if a bit late :-) just for the RECords.

Oh and sorry, but unfortunately I pressed the button one second too early, so it's 10 seconds ;-)

By the way, for all of you who are interested in clocks: the special thing about this railway clock is actually that the second hand does not jump from one second to the next, but it kind of flows through. And every time the second hand does one round, it stops for about a second at 12:00 until it starts its next round. Just for anyone who is interested :-)

11:11 (and 10 seconds)

Created: Oct 19, 2009

Tags: 11:11, railway clock

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