Half Of Me (Final)

By riana6

This is my final version of Half of Me.

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on this song, even those of you who's contributions I didn't use, it meant so much to me that you took the time to try and help. I tried to put as many parts in as I could, it just started to get muddled for me at a certain point so that I had to weed it down until I got this final product.
It was very hard for me to do that, especially with xoSasha, macjames61 and SpectrumCJ because I really liked what you guys did, I just couldn't (with my limited expertise) make it work.
So again please don't take it personal if I didn't use you...I loved all the contributions!

a special thanks to hedge, braun22, macjames6, shadowstorm88, and venns who have been with this project since the first day I uploaded it and have spent countless hours tweeking and playing around.

As far as the arrangement, it couldn't have happened without hedge's instrumentation which I used as the guideline for the song, so
thank you thank you thank you!!
also to IlliterateWriter and michellek for the incredibly beautiful violin parts, to Braun22 for being endlessly patient with me and making the bass to my specifications, to ladyAdelaide for the gorgeous piano, to DoctorWorth whose guitar parts I loved and Visitor for giving me the guidelines for the guitar parts I wanted.

AND an extra special thanks to RegularJoe who not only created this incredible website for me and all of you to take advantage of, he also recommend this song and got us all the help we needed.

*there's some clacking from the piano sustain pedal.
i couldn't do a thing about it so just close your eyes and pretend she's playing in the room with you

*please listen with head phones :)
I paned the violin and the piano to opposite ears for a surround sound feel

Hitrecord Testimonial: :)
I moved to central Wisconsin from Phoenix, Arizona in January and had to quit all
3 bands I was in to do it. Since i couldn't play any instruments, I felt like a part of me had died and pretty much had no purpose in life. I woke up, worked, ate, and slept like a robot. I felt like half a person. I wrote this song one day last month and the next day I just happened to find Hitrecord.org. I decided that if I was ever going to be able to finish any of my songs again THIS WOULD BE THE PLACE TO DO IT!
so I sat my ass down in front of my computer, learned how to use garage band and pushed myself until I had something worth presenting to you all. The last few weeks of my life have been outstanding! I feel as though I have a purpose and this community has given me a new lease on life, that no matter where I am, I can be connected to other artistis and musicians who like me, want to create, share and LOVE.
I am so HAPPY :D and it's your fault.
Again By Heart,

if anyone would like to collaborate with me on a new record, this one is in progress :)

Half Of Me (Final)

Created: Aug 12, 2010


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