Because this is life...

By shorty

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I put a hat on my head
To shield me from the world
I feel distant and can't see no end in sight
Though I go along with fright
Seeking for myself day and night
People sit there and tell me what to do
But yet they have no clue, what I go through

The dark tunnel just keeps getting darker & darker
Maybe I'll just sit here and listen to the sounds
And drown my sorrows with a frown
I lay here thinking if I am needed

If people really seem to care than why are they not there
I should really try to pray on these types of days
I will pray for me & my destiny & people who seek help from me

Hopefully I will be able to get over this
And be in the world in peace and bliss
Everyday will be a struggle
But I will continue to juggle my life
And I will be there for the fight with all my might
Because this is life.

Because this is life...

Created: Oct 17, 2009

Tags: lonely, alone, heart, struggle, life, sadness, poem, mad, darkness, broken, angry, tears, suffering, cry, myself, feelings, me, person, sad, people, pray

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