Mad Woman

By hannahejo

So, recently I entered a contest to appear on Mad Men. I'm a "Mad"-dict, as they call them ... well I don't know if I'd refer to myself as that, I am addicted to the show but I'm not really fond of made-up words like that ... ANYWAY.

I got all dolled up in my finest vintage, opened a box of bubblegum cigarettes and posed for the DSLR. This photo is one of the results.

So I entered one of the other shots into the contest and asked my friends, family and e-buddies all to vote. I was feeling pretty confident as I crawled closer to the top.

Then a bunch of people came out of nowhere and started getting tens of thousands of votes a day. That's kind of crazy, isn't it? Who has that many friends? A lot of people suspected that maybe they were cheating. Maybe they are, or maybe they're super-duper popular.

Whatever they are, they're making me really desperate. So I'm here and asking you, hit(rec)orders, to help me out.

Throw a vote my way?
Just go to that link and click 'vote'. If this isn't cool, let me know. I'm just a gal with a creative side, a love for Mad Men, and a desire to act.

If you've completely ignored this text, that's all right. I hope you liked the visuals!

Mad Woman

Created: Aug 12, 2010


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