Geeky Love

By Stacey86

A poem about lost love

I just watched 500 Days Of Summer and I felt I could relate to the character Tom. The way Tom felt about Summer reminded me of how I felt about a guy I met three years ago, my first and only boyfriend. For a long time I thought that how we met was fate and that we were meant to be. Looking back now, I realise that wasn't true but here's a poem I wrote a while ago. It's not that great but it's just a light-hearted look back on my memories of that time.

Geeky Love

I met him in the grocery store
I was 5ft 3
He was 6ft 4
Curly hair and glasses on
Just the kind of boy that I adore
Comic books he loved to read
He looked old but only seventeen
Sure he may have been a geek
But he still made my knees feel weak

He visited my myspace page
Messenger addresses were exchanged
We talked for nights and day and days
And discovered we were much the same

We went out to the cinema
To watch pirates of the sea
And superheroes with capes on
But mine was sitting next to me

He came over to my house one day
And we watched TV
I served him a burnt pizza
And Marissa died on The OC
But that poor California girl
HeBut that poor California girl
He’d already seen dead,
So we switched the channel over
And watched Spiderman instead,
Then he kissed me and rolled over
And we fell right off my bed

Things were going really well
But then one day turned bleak
He didn’t want me anymore
And I cried myself to sleep
My Geeky Love, it was no more
It was all I thought about for weeks
No more watching Edward Scissorhands
Or nights where he’d watch me sleep
No more explaining weird science
My Geeky Love I couldn’t keep

It’s hard when things just don’t work out
Oh it’s such a shame
Everything is over now
But no-one is to blame
Some things are just not meant to last
But they’re worth it all the same

Geeky Love

Created: Oct 12, 2009

Tags: poem, poetry, love

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