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Connect the Dots (Scars)

By Pamagotchi

Ohhh this is one of the most daunting projects I have ever done.

I've had acne for years. Combine that with some pretty bad eczema and it's resulted in a pretty sore face. I have scars across the lower half, each blemish turning into a purply mark which never really goes away.

Being without makeup always leaves me feeling really exposed and vulnerable. I am terribly self-conscious about it.

BUT, I also wanted to try and view it in a more positive light. So forgive my beginner photography attempts. Hopefully this is the start of caring less about it. <3

Connect the Dots (Scars)

Created: Jan 20, 2014

Tags: scars, acne, pamagotchi, black and white, scar, self portrait

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