Row Faster1

By theboxsets

respect to all resources. I just mashed a little. alidoucette on the visual for the icon. musically, what should we do here to maybe row away from standard mashup fare?

105 BPM.

hold out for the original rap I threw in there (sorry loud! demo. needs work). Space for rappers out there (ChristheKidd, KamPAIGN, Matt the Conley, bloemday, anybody) to contribute.

lyrics -

row row row
or you'll drown in your own tears
no matter what ya do
don't let the Queen smell your fear
or she'll be hunting you
so you try to play it cool.
Schism that ice with a nice
colloquialism from your parochial prison
but you happen to raise your pitch
and now the bitch is crying treason
she's been dying for a reason to dismember you
but you're a child remember?
and that's the card that you play
besides are you really gonna let the insides
of your hide get tickled
by some fickle one dimensionals
with the sole intention
to stifle the cream in your dreamy fuckin day?
no way
should i live under control while my soul i betray?

Row Faster1

Created: Aug 11, 2010

Tags: beats, mashup, looking glass, lyrics, rap, hip hop, alice in wonderland

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