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Sleeping Ophelia

By ChrissyRegler

I draw a sad face in the sand,

the face dimpled by the rain.

cold to the core, no feeling in my hands

I can barely feel the warmth in my veins.

Torn between my choices

at a crossroads with no signs

surrounded by ghosts with just voices

tempting my lost mind.

Tears roll down my cheeks

and mix with the approaching sea.

I finally realise I am now meek

My strength has ran from me.

Stripped down to bareness,

no longer feeling the cold.

needing to rid the unfairness

that has taken a firm, suffocating hold.

A harmony floats across the waves

hypnotic melody alluring my ears.

Eyes wide open and expectations raised

soothing away my encasing fears.

The nymphs of the sea appear

desperate for me to submerse

into their watery world.

I enter their universe.

I know where they are taking me.

I can see it in their eyes.

I could swim here endlessly

no longer willing to see the crying skies.

A figure in the distance becomes defined

my heart skips a beat, my blood on fire

I get closer and see the curves, her lines

of my love, my desire.

She was lost from an adventure

I thought the sea had claimed her.

The sea wanted her for its own treasure.

My beautiful sleeping Ophelia.

Her hair flowing with the tide

like she was floating on air

The nymphs took me to my bride

i kissed her lips then and there.

My Ophelia smiled and opened her eyes.

I had set her free.

Her lips parted and whispered

"I knew you would come for me"

As we kissed and held each other tight

fins replaced our feet

It didnt feel wrong, it didnt feel right.

But my heart was now complete.

Sleeping Ophelia

Created: Jan 13, 2014

Tags: crossroads, torn, sand, rain, nymphs, nymph, underwater, death, love, regler, rhyme, poem, ocean, sea, mermaids

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