hands & the magic number

By lisa

I'm at the gallery trying to finish all my work for a big show that opens tomorrow. i still have a ton of stuff to do... but what am i doing, besides taking a dinner break after midnight & popping in here while i do so? i'm making a record because the faerie has roused me with this easy collaboration of hers & the coincidence of it all is too hard to ignore.

see, the clock, in the back room, died sometime last week. i keep meaning to get a battery for it but i keep forgetting... got a lot on my mind. i've looked at it countless times while i've been working & have had to remind myself that it's not the "right time." someone tonight looked at it and said is it really after 11? i looked at it again & for the first time realized the hands had stopped at 11:11. so i climbed up on a stool & took this here picture. that's my little story. nite~nite to you & back to work for me.

hands & the magic number

Created: Oct 07, 2009

Tags: clock, magic, 11:11, time

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