Episode #1 // HITRECORD ON TV

By Joe

Ladies and gentlemen, I am beside myself with joy and anticipation :oD It is my sincere pleasure to present the very first episode of HITRECORD ON TV! Watch the entire first episode here before it premieres on television. WATCH EPISODE #1 HERE

Everything you're gonna see on this show was made collaboratively on our site -- hitRECord.org -- and the work of 426 Contributing Artists is featured in this particular episode. There's gonna be 8 episodes this season, each revolving around a different theme, like RE: Space, RE: The Other Side, and RE: Money. And since this is our first ever episode, I figured the theme of this one would be RE: The Number One. HITRECORD ON TV will be coming out on January 18th on a new cable channel called Pivot.

I'm deeply proud of this show, and I think you're realllllly gonna like it. Honestly, making this thing together with all the artists from around the world in our hitRECord community has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life so far. So, without any further ado, enjoy the show!

Thanks again <3


Episode #1 // HITRECORD ON TV

Created: Jan 06, 2014

Tags: joseph gordon-levitt, community, tv show, television show, you're not the only one, hitrecord on tv, regularjoe, animation, freestyle something, 12.42, animated short films, cartoon, cold open, one song, full episode, hitrecord, countdown, wirrow, opening monologue, hip-hop, re: the number one, artists, participant media, pivot, collaboration

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