Dance By Color

By MattConley

This is the streamable version of "Dance By Color."

The higher-res version (which you should download for REmixing purposes) is here:

This is a REmix of Lula's "Datesoon Destiny Narcissing Herself In the Doubleglass" with the footage REarranged to fit into a REmixed version of Malicore's "For the Last Time."

Lots of colors and all sorts of choreographed psychedelic mayhem.

Dance By Color

Created: Aug 10, 2010

Tags: lexy, change, choreography, curl, routine, remixed, move, fast, two, version, glass, blink, skirt, array, love, scratch, flower, palette, flowers, half, beautiful, stare, lipstick, dance, colors, choreographed, rainbow, dancing, paint, painty, slide, split, revolve, morgan m morgansen, feet, smiling, walk, run, remix, edit, new, winks, mmm, playing, fictional, cut, fiction, morgan m. morgansen, pieces, she, teeth, eyelashes, eyes, triple M, light, edited, heart, painty hands, video, morgan, rhythm, lexy hulme, music, transition, winked, pace, touch, beats, personette, play, dress, hair, quick, number, finger, clothing, hands, point, instrumental, sit, trot, turntable, wink, mirror, skill, spin, cutting, walking, lula, 2, character, pair, moves, colorful, her, beauty, fun, dresses, lips, dances, paintyhands, dissolve, look, smile

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