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RegularJOE Adieu Animation

By Carliihde

If any of you was wondering how my Adieu animation went, here is how one of them looked like when I was all done. I did 4 animations in all, this was just the one that took the longest. This is RegularJOE performing a very dramatic death scene on stage. This is about 89 drawings and it took me days to complete, but it was well totall worth it.

I love animating! I hope you guys like how it turned out! I'll hopefully be uploading the other 3 small animations I did as well later on!

Keep on RECording!



P.S. If anyone wants to REmix this I highly suggest downloading the ZIP file from my "Adieu Frames 525-612" record here. That way the final image will be much better quality for of a video! It's the exact same animation just a higher resolution and split up into all of the separate images/frames


RegularJOE Adieu Animation

Created: Dec 12, 2013

Tags: music video, funny, carli, animation, adieu, drawing, stage, death, joseph gordon levitt, video, carliihde, joseph, carlyeyed, regularjoe, carli ihde, die, rotoscope animation, rotoscope

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