By WingedSpoon

For the 10 Steps collab

He escaped from snow and ice and found himself in my sanctuary amongst my books. He had dewdrops in his eyes. I had chocolate on my cheek. He picked up Poe and asked "Is it any good?". "Yes," I'd said. He left some coins on the counter and dropped his dewdrops in my hands. He walked out backwards, like I was a holy thing.
I asked, Will he return?
Quoth the Raven "Evermore"

Against him my hot tea was cold, standing on an icy bridge. We made constellations out of the christmas lights. When a child skidded across the snow and bruised its backside, we giggled into our coats even though we knew we shouldn't. 'Shouldn't' wasn't as important then, though, not as pressing as 'could' and 'can'. Neither of us wore gloves. I thought that our subconsciouses were very clever.
I asked, Will he take my hand?
Quoth the Raven "Evermore"

Spring was mocking us. Her promises of new life and rebirth did not translate onto our lives. Though I still loved to kiss his eyelashes and wished that I could keep his smell in a treasure box, it was not the will of life and death and family and faith for me to savour him like I should. Now it was my dewdrops that rolled into his hands. His arms were so hard. He was Atlas then, with the world on one shoulder. But I was his Pleione.
I aked, Will he stay?
Quoth the Raven "Evermore"

Lace is not as resilient as you may think. I wore a hole into my wedding dress. It was winter again, though and snowflakes hid it well. Helpful little creatures. It seemed silly giving myself to him 'to have and to hold' when I already belonged to him and lived in his arms. Even so, I felt a deity with him by my side. Not half a deity, like I had been not long ago. I was in a state of dreamy euphoria and each second floated higher than the next.
I asked, Will I remember this day?
Quoth the Raven "Evermore"

I hated Spring. The pipes always leaked in Spring. He would tell me, "Worry not, my sweet" in his faux 'dashing prince' voice. Then he would fix them, my Knight in shining armour with a wrench for a lance. But now he was gone, and I hated Spring. I promised he would live on in the snowflakes and the dewdrops we tasted on our tongues and shed from our eyes. It would be Winter every day where I was and where he had been.
I asked, Is he in heaven?
Quoth the Raven "Evermore"


Created: Sep 29, 2009

Tags: evermore, quoth, love, raven, wingedspoon, nevermore

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