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Why I hitRECord

By SethBang

My one year anniversary on hitRECord was in September. It has taken me this long to put together my milestone tribute. I think it was worth it. My goal was to express gratitude for the site and the community and also explain why it means so much to me. Perhaps you will want to share this with friends and family who are not on hitRECord so they'll get a glimpse inside. A few notes:

Time -- This took me many hours to make, probably pushing triple digits, but I think it's particularly fascinating to factor in all of the time that the other artists invested into the RECords I REmixed. It must be thousands. How cool is that?

Gratitude -- I mentioned that I am very grateful for this site and for you all. I hope that I did not overlook any one at the mother ship in the homage sequence. My apologies if I did. I tried to get y'all in there! Also, a big shout out to tillycat for drawing my sidekick in this piece and spaceship for helping me find just the right music.

REsources -- There are 200+ RECords in the REsources. I tried to include REsources for REmixes but it's hard to dig so deep. Please let me know if I overlooked anyone. I know I missed a few. Also, the last 159 RECs are REmixed from my Christmas video and are tiny images flying through space. I can't guarantee that each one is visible but I did not want to leave anyone off the list. I'll be doing a REmix of that video soon, so you'll have another chance to see them.

Thank you for watching this short film. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm on Twitter @sethbang and I welcome you to subscribe to me here, too. You never know, I might do something else spiffy someday. Soon I will do one of those Q&A RECords that are so fun to read. I meant to do that today but I'm pooped.

Again by <3


November 22, 2013 - Kirkland, Washington, USA

Why I hitRECord

Created: Nov 22, 2013

Tags: animation, epic

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