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How She Breaks

By Iluminar

This is how it starts. 

Incandescent dusk.  Desirable projections drifting in and out of puddles of amber, liquid-warm light.  Accidental glances followed by deliberate second looks, lingering… 


This is how she’s hooked. 

Hypnotized by the tinkle and clinking.  That crooked half-smile that lies sincerity so much more than its double-sided counterpart, when you catch her eye for the umpteenth time.  A secret meant only for her… 


This is how you know. 

Breathless and fluttering.  Holding her drink to her chest like a talisman.  She seeps into the void between you and you breathe her in like anesthesia. She’ll think she’s in control and you’ll let her…


This is how she falls. 

Without words.  Stare straight into the abyss of her eyes and she’ll believe words will fail and in this moment, is truth.  Laid bare.  When she looks back all she’ll see is her reflection.  But she’ll mistake it for you…


This is how you break her. 

Violently and without remorse.  Dignity strewn across the floor with her inhibitions, while you strip-mine her with carefully calculated promises and utterances.  Porcelain thrown against a wall…


And this?


This is how you walk away. 



How She Breaks

Created: Nov 22, 2013

Tags: pick up, prose, dusk, girl, warm, eyes, drink, light, reflection, break, smile, lie

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