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In the beginning there was light...

...Now there is darkness


Light snuck out one night, and fell asleep in the river.

Darkness hovering from above saw light &
at once fell in love with her spright.

So darkness descended, & laid with light.
In the morning there was no more light.
Just a small shadow, skipping over the river.

When the people found out what had happened.
They gathered everyone from the village;
to think of ways to bring light back into their land.

Some of the men who had been out in the fields,
saw a small shadow playing on the river.
& at once it occured to them who it was.
So they immediately set up a plan to capture him.


It's not very easy to catch a shadow.
In fact, it is almost impossible.
The secret is to make a giant dream catcher
made of an an elephant’s trunk,
& stick it full of fireflies.
A shadow cannot resist fireflies.
It hums to them in their dreams.

Now, everyone knows that only baby shadows
fall for this trick.
But at this time, shadow was only a 100 years old.
Since darkness & light are infinite,
It was only natural that they would
pass this trait onto their son.


So the men were successful in capturing shadow.
Next, they built a huge bonfire
so they could bring shadow out.

Even though darkness presides;
Darkness has very bad eyes.
So if you want to catch his attention;
you have to build very big fires.

So it went that darkness opened his eyes.
& saw the people offering to exchange shadow,
for light.

At first darkness refused, but at the same time,
he could not resist the chance of seeing his only son.
So they came upon an agreement.

Light would only be allowed to show her face in halves.
In the morning she would come out,
But at night, she would be with darkness,
& the people would have to do without.
By now, light had fallen in love with darkness,
& did not want to leave his side.

It wasn’t very easy for shadow,
& darkness to unite.
Everyone knows that darkness,
doesn’t have hands.
So his mother had to grab him
and put him in her arms.

Now being the only son of darkness & light,
Shadow has been allowed to go anywhere he pleases.
He has been known to chase the people all
around the village.

At this point, shadow is now a big shadow.
& can run faster than the speed of light!
To this day, nobody has ever been known
to catch shadow.

Not even even fireflies.

A feeble attempt at story telling. I'm not really a storyteller; at least, not in the traditional sense of the word. Constructive/ destructive criticisms are very much welcome.

Created: Sep 24, 2009

Tags: this is for the 10 steps meta collab, myths, storyteller

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