My First Time

By LittleWing

My heart beats through my fingertips and I'm spellbound.
My chest is strapped to wood boards and my fingers pluck
making resonating sounds echoing through my body.
I'm hooked
up to an amplifier and I'm bringing my soul to the masses.
Piece by piece, hits heart to heart.
I'm stuck.
You're looking at me.
Surrounded by warm bodies
stuck together like sardines you're all looking at me.
Each note I hit
hits your mind like a blitzkrieg tactic,
spastic and planned.
The chords finish
sucked through speakers as static.
Romantic electric camouflage.
You're pulled into me
and we are one.
Comfortable white noise.

My First Time

Created: Sep 23, 2009

Tags: stage, music

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