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MALE VOICE OVER ARTISTS: RECord your VO of "BILL" from this script I edited of "Mind Games" by jonathan levine & Will Reiser. Please refer to THIS VOICE OVER Scarlett performed for "OLIVIA."

ILLUSTRATORS: Create visuals of the Characters, Settings, and Props in THIS VISUAL REQUEST LIST.





Music blares in the background. Dozens of drunk 20 somethings mingle.

BILL (mid 20’s) wades his way through the dense crowd and steps up to the bar. He notices OLIVIA (also mid 20’s) also waiting for the bartender. They exchange smiles.


BILL (V.O.): Ah shit, I shoulda peed first.

BILL: How’s it going?


OLIVIA (V.O.): “Hi.” Good start. Kind of generic, but­­--

BILL: Listen, I don't usually do this­­--

OLIVIA: Let me guess. You want to buy me a drink?

BILL (V.O.): Dammit! She thinks you’re a douche.

BILL: Yeah.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Douche move. But he’s not awful looking. Plus you’re almost done with this drink, and drinks are expensive around here. Who are you to turn down 11 bucks, Oprah? Just don’t be obvious about it. Quick. Stall­­--


(She quickly looks down at her PHONE.)


OLIVIA: Hold on. I’m getting a text.

BILL: You are?

OLIVIA: Yes. I happen to get lots of texts.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Now laugh, make him think you’re talking to another guy.


(She LAUGHS at something on her phone.)

(She starts TEXTING on her phone.)


BILL: From your boyfriend?

OLIVIA (V.O.): You’re a genius. Draw him into your web, you genius spider.

OLIVIA (to Bill): Just a friend.

BILL (V.O.): Just a friend? Like, a guy who wants to sleep with you but he’s stuck in the friend zone? Or like a girl you made out with when you got drunk once in college? That’d be super hot.


(She puts her PHONE away)


OLIVIA: Now. Where were we...?

BILL (V.O.): Fuck that. Do not let her control the conversation...


(Bill looks down at his PHONE.)


BILL: Oh sorry, lemme just get this.

OLIVIA: Really? Someone’s calling you right now?

BILL: Yeah, I’m supposed to be meeting a friend. (answers his phone) Yo... Yeah, I’m here... I don’t know it’s sorta lame, I think I might jet... Alright... Peace. (puts phone away) See? Told you that was a real phone call. I don’t play games.

BILL (V.O.): Because if you thought I played games, you would never have sex with me.

BILL: I’m Bill.

OLIVIA (V.O.): He’s sorta cute. Don’t tell him your real name.

OLIVIA: Olivia.

BILL (V.O.): I wonder if that’s her real name.

BILL: Olivia. You wanna get out of here?

OLIVIA: (beat) Whatever.



(Bill and Olivia MAKE OUT.)


OLIVIA (V.O.): Damn, this guy’s actually really turning me on right now.

OLIVIA: We shouldn’t have sex.

BILL: Definitely not.

OLIVIA: I don’t want you thinking I’m that kind of girl.

BILL (V.O.): That’s stupid. Who cares what I think? Be your own woman.

BILL: Totally get it.


(They MAKE OUT more.)


BILL (V.O.): Damn this girl’s crazy hot. Alright I got this. Play it sensitive.

BILL: You wanna just cuddle?

OLIVIA (V.O.): Shit, I didn’t think he’d actually stop.



(They LAY SILENTLY for a long beat.)


BILL (V.O.): OK, just don’t touch her for like 30 seconds. She won’t be able to control herself. She’ll be so overwhelmed by lust, she’ll just­­--


(He looks over. She’s ASLEEP.)


BILL: Shit. (beat) Hey. (nudges her) Hey.

OLIVIA (V.O.): He totally thinks you’re really sleeping.

OLIVIA: What? Sorry I fell asleep.

BILL: I have a condom.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Fuck yes!

OLIVIA: Whatever.


(They KISS again.)






Bill and Olivia are on the couch, they silently stare deep into each other’s eyes.


BILL (V.O.): I love you.

OLIVIA (V.O.): I love you so much.

BILL (V.O.): I’ve had to pee for the last 45 minutes, but it doesn’t matter. My bladder could rupture right now and I wouldn’t even feel it, that’s how much I love you.

OLIVIA (V.O.): It’s like we’re soul mates.

BILL (V.O.): Tell her. Right now. Say it.


(Bill combs his hand through Olivia’s hair, then gently utters...)


BILL: I love you.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Holy shit! That’s the first time he’s said that.

BILL (V.O.): Why isn’t she saying anything? This is really awkward.

OLIVIA (V.O.): How long do I wait to answer?

BILL (V.O.): Fuck, I have to pee.

OLIVIA (V.O.): If I say it back, it might scare him away.

BILL (V.O.): I can’t get up now, I just told her I loved her.

OLIVIA (V.O.): This would be so much easier if he’d just texted it to me.

BILL (V.O.): I can’t hold it! Shit! Shit, it’s happening!!


Bill PEES HIS PANTS. He tries to keep a straight face. Maybe she won’t notice.



BILL: Yeah?

OLIVIA: Did you just piss yourself?

BILL (V.O.): Yup!


OLIVIA (V.O.): Oh my god, he did, that’s disgusting!

OLIVIA: It’s okay if you did, I don’t care!


(He GETS UP to go, but she STOPS HIM.)


OLIVIA: Wait, baby?

BILL: What?

OLIVIA: I love you too.


BILL: Whatever.


(He EXITS. Stay with her.)




Created: Oct 23, 2013

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