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The Dreamer #3

By Emma-Conner

I've decided to take some self-portraits. Not because I think I'm wonderful to look at or anything, it's actually the opposite of that: I hate my appearance. I don't say that to elicit sympathy but rather as a statement of fact. There are massive gaps in the family photo albums because I would never have my photo taken, and also because I destroyed some photos in a fit of rage because I thought I looked fat (I wasn't a well person back then).

I guess what I want to do is move past these feelings. They are unhealthy and draining and I'm sick of feeling this way. Art has always been my outlet for feelings good and bad, and so it is again. 

The Dreamer #3

Created: Oct 07, 2013

Tags: the dreamers series, horizontal, high-res, black and white, photograph, rural, portrait, digital, photoshoot

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