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Traffic Light Dance

By TheShuttersmith

100th RECord! So this is a concept I've had in mind for months before I joined hitRECord, but I wasn't sure how I was going to execute it, or if anyone would dance for me in the middle of the road. About a week ago I finally went out to shoot it, and it feels good to have finally completed something that's been camping in my mind for ages! I think this would best fit into an interstitial for the Fantasy episode, but more than anything I hope you enjoy it :) Feel free to remix, and special thanks to Pat (The Mass That Matters Most) for dancing and to Linden (A.reverie) for camera operating!

Traffic Light Dance

Created: Oct 06, 2013

Tags: imagination, traffic light, traffic, daytime, dance, a.reverie, street, live action, interstitial, 16:9, the shuttersmith, 1080p, road, outdoor, fantasy, high definition, pedestrian, green man

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