Word to the Nerd

By LittleWing

At the age of 5,
when everyone else wanted to be a princess or Polly Pocket,
I wanted to be Ella Fitzgerald…
and Spiderman.
When I would get into trouble
I would run up to the top of the stairs,
Get into my stance,
And flick my wrist towards the open window
that the sticky white webbing
would bring me
to my salvation.
Girls I knew always had Prince Ken save Princess Barbie,
but not me.
I sat at my N64
for days,
racing down Rainbow Road,
trying to restore Hyrule to its former glory,
and Falcon Punching the shit out of my little brother.
And I will always pick Archer over Valkyrie.
While other girls watched
"My Little Pony" and "Boy Meets World"
I would snuggle into the crook of my dad's arm
and watch
Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Secretly wishing that Captain Picard would be my Grandpa.
Knowing that he could just "Make it so" and all of my dreams would come true.

During recess, I would swing on the swings and sing "duhm duhduh dah duhm dum dum dum. Dum duhduh dah duhm DUHMDUHMDUHMMMM![ Superman theme]"
knowing that if I just spread my wings and took the leap,
I could fly just like Superman.
When I saw the tanbark closing in quickly on my face,
I'd get back up and try again.

When everyone else had a Lisa Frank lunchbox,
mine had a picture of my dream ride
the "Millennium Falcon".
Star Wars was my first true introduction to poetry
"Search your heart, you know it to be true".

Older now,
Wiser yes,
I still dwell on the outskirts of nerd-dom.
But I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.
"Passion is central to a Jedi's life."

I still call my bedroom the "Fortress of Solitude,"
My car has been christened "The Enterprise"
and I still stay up all night playing my Atari Pacman,
Because I know
those little blinking fuckers
won't go away until I eat them.
Don't mess with me
because I still know that
up up, down down, left right, left right, B, A, start
will always let me live until infinity.

Though I'm scatting my way towards my first goal in life,
Who says Spiderman can't sing?
I'm just your average friendly neighborhood girl.

Talk nerdy to me.

Word to the Nerd

Created: Sep 15, 2009

Tags: silly, nerd, poem

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