That Word

By LittleWing

Record against racism.

One students fiery statement

spit on thirty two sets of ears


fists to punch air

and cause frenzied shouts of

Word! And Yeah!

and form a union that agreed

I hate that word;

I hate being called,

A Spic!


who constantly corrects the teacher

Its Luis maestro,

His rhetoric uniting north, south and Caribbean Latinos.

Maestro, he says

That word,

is yellow putrid green mucous

sneezed from an uncovered mouth

splattering my cheeks and ears

like those jokes I hate:

about us crowding into trucks and boats to get here

about us crowding into apartments and cars when we are here.

Maestro, he says

Since there are no stupid question,

is my education one of those jokes too?

Just look at this room.


No entiendo esa palabra;

that word is

a cloying yellow urine

a big dog marking us

property of the earths gutter,

as if the myriad of colors and smells we are

are not good enough for this society

yet its restaurant chains

mock our food sin sabor

And we are lampooned by Hollywood

as thieves and whores

And gringos stiffly dance

Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango and Cha-cha

Without really feeling the songs


will tell me, I dance wrong.


you dont understand that word.

It is nauseating defecation brown

falling all over us

with a stench that

causes us

to turn our backs

on us

and relegate us

to jobs of picking the vine

waiting tables, cleaning homes

taking care of someone elses children

leaving us to tired

to pay attention or take care of our own.


The teacher stood frozen, surveying the room

Sixty four eyes waiting

For his mind to finish racing

Against its own thoughts.

The lesson is not going according to plan.

The lesson is not going according to plan.

I wanted to shout,



But Wait!

Your logic's not tight for me.

I the descendant of a slave,


Civil Rights King Marcher

For the life of me cannot figure

Why it is

For Luis and his compatriots

There's nothing wrong with the salutation

What up,


That Word

Created: Sep 14, 2009

Tags: record, racism, against

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