Sedna, Goddess of the Sea

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The ocean is like a woman.
She is calm, beautiful and strong.
And fierce.
She can sink the most capable ship, steal a countless number of lives, and destroy the greatest empire in the world with a simple sweep of her hand.
She is enticing.
Her aquamarine eyes stare and wait with the life that lives within her.
Within the soul you can feel and see the salty rhythmic beating of her body.
She dances; she's sweet, so discreet.
But then jumping out to attack like a hunter, she hunts and traps, she allures the most brave of men.
A siren, her voice carries throughout the wind and fog starboard and the sun and heat port, she's the support system of life.
She loves.
She hates.
She's careless and carries her senses,
She's senseless, drives senses wild.
She's jealous, and she's rash.
Irrational rations of rare real rhyme.
She's a line in a lover's poem.

Created: Sep 14, 2009


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