Oh, It's Fantastic (Rough Cut)

By Dr_Gory

Here's a Rough Cut of the "Oh, It's Fantastic" Music Video, performed live at our Venue Shoot at The Orpheum Theatre.


ILLUSTRATORS & ANIMATORS: Draw & Animate the elements of Shots 1-16 in THIS VISUAL SHOT LIST

MUSICIANS: Contribute all kinds of Instruments - from Traditional to Bizzare Instruments - to the song. Also, RECord Video of yourself performing. Please refer to THESE NOTES for additional creative direction. THIS ZIP contains all the materials Musicians will need to contribute their parts.




Please re-upload the compsited footage in a ZIP with the following specs:

Apple Photo-JPEG Quicktime .mov w/ Alpha Channel 23.98 FPS 1920 x 1080

Oh, It's Fantastic (Rough Cut)

Created: Sep 24, 2013

Tags: musicians, duet, high resolution, sequence, camera angles, chorus line, edit, piano, applause, short film, band, live show, dancing, indoor, nightime, handheld, dancers, performances, stage, michael gregory, tony danza, live action, spotlight, re: fantasy, regularjoe, choreography, theater, hd, joseph gordon-levitt, audience, film, theme, community, 16:9, lyrics, cheering, reference cut

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