Sunset over the Pacific

By westcoastjen

Snapshot of my city

Sarah McLachlan, a local gal, had a benefit concert at the beach yesterday. Her guests were Sheryl Crow and Neil Young. I didn't buy tickets (on the Road Trip at the time), but some friends and I headed down and staked out a spot outside the gates and on the sand. The sound was fantastic, and the evening was perfect. There were lots of boats in the harbour having a listen too.

I was really impressed with Sheryl Crow. I'm a HUGE Neil and Sarah fan, and we weren't even going to listen to Sheryl. I'm glad we did. She puts on an awesome live show.

Fell in love with Vancouver again.

Sunset over the Pacific

Created: Sep 13, 2009

Tags: sarah mclachlan, sunset, beach, concert, vancouver

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