Act this out. Part 1: The Call

By gweninterrupted

The actor sits alone in a room.
The actor looks at a clock or a watch to check the time.
The actor stands and paces back and forth in front of the camera.
The actor sits again.
The actor picks up an object and fiddles with it in his/her hands.
The actor throws the object across the room in frustration.
The actor sits and rocks back and forth.
The actor puts his/her face in her hands.
The actor picks up a phone, because it just rang.
The actor shows a look of shock on his/her face.
The actor slowly lowers the phone away from his/her ear, and looks distraught.
The actor begins to cry.
The actor picks up the phone and dials a number.
The actor puts the phone up to his/her ear and looks straight into the camera.
The actor says... "It's happening."


This is a little experiment i wanted to try off the top of my head. i would love to write little pieces of text that could easily be acted out by someone or even MANY SOMEONES out there- and then see how my little sentences translate to the screen.
i tried to keep this first one as simple as possible. i would be so excited if someone actually acted this out for me. And if we had more than one person do this, we could somehow link the videos together, in the same story- and we could have actors speak to each other through their telephones. i would love it even more, if we could get people from around the world with different accents to work on this with me, and then we could flash up your city / country on the screen at the start of your scene.

As for part 2? i have no idea. Maybe someone else will write it. Maybe i will write it after this first piece gets acted out - and i really hope it gets acted out!

Well, this is my last creative effort before attempting sleep here in a while.

Much love, everyone!


P.S. Please don't worry about actual sound effects (like a phone ringing) or trying to add in music. i would love for these performances to be as bare as possible for editing more into afterwords. =)

Act this out. Part 1: The Call

Created: Aug 07, 2010


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