By tori

on a windy day, you will always find her at the end of the pier


one of my dear friends insisted on taking me to her favourite place of all time. it was a windy horrible day (even if the photo seems to suggest otherwise.) but it's the place she goes at night by herself to collect her thoughts, and it's the place she drives to when she's upset.


and every moment of being there felt like i was on sacred ground, while also feeling so nostalgic in a place i'd never been. it feels like a typical small seaside town. it has the arcade, the beach, the promenade... but it also has this sweet little 'cliff lift' which, for a whole 70p, will take you to the top of the hill to the main section of town.


Created: Sep 10, 2009

Tags: tori, town, beach, favourite places, coast, england, saltburn, seaside, cliff lift

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