owen the owl (tiny rhyme)

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owen the owl, he was out on the prowl
looking for love here and there
he flew high and low, but wherever he'd go
owen never found love anywhere!

not a smidge did he find, all his offers declined,
nope, nada, zip, zero, niente!
what a terrible blow to his canny ego!
poor owen was muy caliente!

such an awful affront, to be out on the hunt
and to have his good graces refused!
as an owl, he was wise, he had sharp yellow eyes -
clearly owen was somewhat confused!

it's more simple than that, complex theories fall flat,
and all the best plans go awry...
it's no matter of smarts, or your best body parts,
with love, normal rules rarely apply!

owen fought the good fight, but try as he might
he could never make love do his bidding
till the day he surrendered, then his heart, it remembered
cuz after all, who was he kidding?

his heart couldn't soar till he opened the door
to the answer he found on that day
love's not something you get (though easy to forget!)
it's not yours till you give it away!


(ps thanks to buttercup for starting this one!)

owen the owl (tiny rhyme)

Created: Aug 07, 2010

Tags: open, love, owl, heart, search, tiny, rhyme, owen

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