Bicycle Boulevard

By jonathanmann

Song A Day #249

the air is so much cleaner
the grass is so much greener
the people much less meaner
on bicycle blvd.

the street is much less scary
the bikes are way less wary
the people are more hairy
on bicycle blvd.

i wanna be where the bikes roam free
i wanna reside where the folks are always riding
so unencumbered
when the cars are outnumbered

the lungs are so much stronger
the days are always longer
the ping is so much ponger
on bicycle blvd.

the weather's always better
you never need a sweater
you can always go and get her on
on bicycle blvd

can't you hear those bike bells ringing
can you hear those breaks a squealing
hear those those voices singing

the faces are so happy
commute is so more snappy
and 100 times less crappy
on bicycle blvd

you'll feel like a winner
if your a pro or a beginner
and you just might get thinner
on bicyle blvd

Bicycle Boulevard

Created: Sep 06, 2009

Tags: day, bicycle, mann, jonathan, cookie, rock, bottom, song, boulevard

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