Heart Overflowing

By jonathanmann

Song A Day #248

she wears the kind of mystery you read about in books
she can make my spine electric with the most casual of looks
she is open
she is closed
heart overflowing

she lives inside the magical guided by her blue
and if you've won her loyalty, s no limit to what she'll do
she is calm
she is fierce
heart overflowing

one heart is too few
for the love that she contains
if i could install two
i would do that right away

down a moonlit avenue
it's written in the sky
by a magic broom
awaiting her reply

there's a field full of horses, there's a field full of cows
who react to her with astonishment, love and raised eyebrows
never empty
always full
heart overflowing

i don't know where she's going
I don't know where she's been
but where ever she goes
i'll follow close
heart overflowing

Heart Overflowing

Created: Sep 05, 2009

Tags: ivory, mann, jonathan, day, song, overflowing, heart, king

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