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The Pine Cone Ballet

By JasonAngelone

-I don't REmix RECords often, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this image by FollyA. 

-After seeing this photo, I instantly had this idea where all of these pine cones that were dropping off of trees were really little dancers letting go of the branches.  I imagined beautiful music surrounding hundreds of 'falling dancers.'  OR she could even be the last pine cone to fall, fitting into The Number One collab.  Or it could be a love story between the last TWO, a male and female falling together.  Maybe a ppeppina piece?  Something like the tiny song, 'CRASHING.' :)

Maybe I'll try to develop some sort of story out of this idea.

The Pine Cone Ballet

Created: Aug 31, 2013

Tags: falling, the, ballet, cone, record, follya, photo, pine, dancer, remix, hitrecord, ppeppina

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