Pjesma nad Pjesmama - a reading of a Croatian poem

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Des requested something to be read or sung in Croatian. I'll try and sing something too, but for now, here's an excerpt from a poem by one of our most famous poets, Janko Polić Kamov. He was a rebel and a very intelligent, but dark soul. This poem is his take on the famous "Song of Songs" from the Bible. And here's the translation:

The world is dead, my love, and it's so dark in its boredom;
the people are dead, my love, and dreamy is their song,
the silence is insane, my love, and silence is their speech;
look, they're sleepy and yawning is their day's music;
their soul's as empty as the whores' laughter, and their laughter as lifeless as the law;
their sun is as pale as the death candle and the walls are their forest;
it is so desolate, dark, my love, and their days are like their thoughts;
there's no blood in their body and their soul is empty like God.

Created: Sep 03, 2009

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