'one song' script (working title)

By wirrow

(also edited by RegularJOE)



Music / Narrator The spirit of music. Female.

Keywords for VO artists (use all or some of these for inspiration): angelic, goddess, posh, Beyonce.


Trolls : Embody heavy metal kind of music.

Keywords for VO artists: cockney, bob hoskins, vinnie jones, gruff, metallica, shouty, caveman.

(this does NOT have to be a male voice, but it can be)


Glooms : embody emoish/shoegaze/joydivision/goth kinda music.

Keywords for VO artists: teenage angst, goth, 'no one understands me', elitist.


Engineers : embody electronic/chiptune/8bit kind of music.

Keywords for VO artists: geeky, snorty, intelligent, nerdy, scientists, inventors, professor frink


Princesses : embody bubblegum pop.

Keywords for VO artists: fun, ditsy, bubbley, pop, bright, princessy.

(the Princesses are a race of people.. this does NOT have to be a female voice, but it can be)





Narrator (female):


Many songs ago

Music was born into silence

so as to fill the universe with song.

But Silence was angered

by this disturbance of his slumber

and vowed to eat up all the melodies

that Music was creating.

And so Music flew from land to land

blessing its inhabitants with her gift

so that they may one day unite in song

to answer the threat of Silence.


*cut/fade to scene facing The Spirit of Music who is addressing a gathering of the different races*



Friends and musicians, this day is now upon us. (panning shot of each race - face on - as they listen)

You have all been summoned here to unite as one and defeat silence once and for all!




You just leave this to us Trolls! 

We'll summon a mosh monster to punch that bloody bloke's lights out! 



Ew how neanderthal!

besides he's too strong, he'll just punch you right back!

Let us, The Princesses summon our candy monster to rain down glitter over the beast!



Ugh what the hell is that gonna do?!

Besides, your manufactured attack will be way too predictable.

We, The Glooms need to summon a bleak cloud of darkness to shower the beast with shards of melancholy.



*snort* Yeah that might work for a while but he'll just snap out it.

Leave this to The Engineers! Our high-tech robot will catch him off guard and shoot super-charged lasers at him!


Glooms: ugh a laser shooting robot?! that's so commercial it's never gonna work..  

Princesses: There's not even any glitter in that plan

Trolls: what the bloody hell are you on about you wraaaaa

Engineers: I swear sometimes i think we're the only ones around here with a brain, i've met bread smarter than these ideas 



Silence cannot be defeated by any one one of you. It will take all your combined talents - to create.. one song!



ugh.. am i really expected to compromise the purity of my music?


Music: (Spoken as soundtrack rises to a valiant crescendo)

only with one song will you all prevail..!

now go, prepare.. and

*music cuts off * .. oh crap here he is. good luck

* Music floats to the sidelines with popcorn and watches on*


Princesses + engineers + glooms + trolls :

AAAA!!!! *collective scream*  (the aa's will appear as text too)


* Silence eats up all the screams (aaa's) and then there is nothing silence, the characters all keep screaming for a second with no sound being emitted and when they realise there is an awkward pause*



uh.. alright. so what we doin?



guys! i think i have a plan..


*all the following is sung in their respective styles, as we watch each group summon specific manifestations of their music*

(* VO artists don't worry about the next 4 lines for now, we'll make a separate request for this 'song' part )


we'll use our sweet, predictable patterns to lure him and make him feel all safe and secure.. then



our high-tech machines will shoot lasers at his head to daze him, confuse him and fill him with dread



now while he's all angsty and confused our somber cloud will depress his mood



then our mosh monster will take the stage - feel his fiery fists of rage!


* Silence is knocked out with a punch*



you guys, we did it!





Music (Narrating): 

From that day forward, Music was free to spread from land to land.

Even Silence found a place to play between the notes!

And while the Trolls, Glooms, Engineers, and Princesses each went their separate ways, to sing their separate songs,

They were all remembered ever after for that legendary victory,

united by the Spirit of Music,

playing together as one.



ugh what a bunch of [BLEEP]ing sell-outs..



'one song' script (working title)

Created: Aug 27, 2013


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