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The Story of Us (dialogue)

By CaptClare

Um, I have to tell you something


I've been thinking that... well I've decided that.. look its something important, it's quite substantial.


Yes, you know what I mean, it's a full on decision and I've been thinking about it for a long time so please don't make fun of me and just listen ok?

Ok, I'm listening.

I've... I've decided I'm going to tell people about you. About us.

[chuckles] Oh are you? And what are you going to tell them?

Well, I'm going to start with that you never take me seriously!

No, no, I am taking this seriously. Please, what will you tell them?

I'm going to tell them you're argumentative -

[slightly high pitched voice] No I'm not!

and that your voice gets really high when you get defensive. 

[slightly high pitched voice] No it doesn't!

[chuckles] yes it does. Like little girl high.

It... [higher pitched voice] It does not!

[laughs] but then I'll tell them you're incredibly handsome.

Very true. You may go on.

I'll tell them that you make the best pancakes.

Pretty much award winning.

and that you jump out of bed the minute you get in because you always forget to brush your teeth.

Urgh, yes I do do that.

and that you leave copies of The Subterraneans around the city.

The best way to discover Kerouac is to stumble upon him.

and that you always put an orange on the table closest the door for me to grab in the morning.

Vitamin C is very very important.

and... that you you have a irrational fear of post it notes!

[slightly high pitched voice] It's not irrational! They are everywhere and they stick to your shoe and are annoying shades - not even really colours and the edges are super sharp, even though you wouldn't think it and then shing it's too late and your gushing blood and -

[laughing] Ok, ok post it notes are just horrible.

Yes they are!

Yes, yes [chuckles]. I'll then tell them you're an amazing lover.

Well, I don't want to brag...

Oh! and that when you fart in the shower you explain in great detail what it sounded like, like it was a  Beethoven symphony!

Well your bathroom does have amazing acoustics.

[laughs] yes it does... I'll also tell them you're far more generous to strangers than you are to your friends and you never leave the house without your fathers reading glasses and you can dance but say you can't and that you are the love of my life and I can't remember what I was doing before I found you.

... I can't remember either.


but you know you can't tell anyone about me? About us.


You know that right?


because I'm not re-

I know, I know.

... do you?

... yes ...

... I'm sorry.

... I know you are. I just -


- wish you were.


The Story of Us (dialogue)

Created: Aug 27, 2013

Tags: city, romance, love, love story, dialogue, made up, script, boy, girl, kerouac, post it notes, fantasy, captclare, make believe

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