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mean mean mean dinosaur - last part illu

By graoww

yo people !

first thanks a lot for the ultra nice words on the dinosaur roars, I didn't reply since you dont get notify, but it deeply touches me so thanks <3

this is the background I did today for the last part of the video (I'm not at the end at all, just wanted to do this first haha)

I planned to make a travelling toward the stars and all... but there is not enough time hahaha so I did 2/3 of this drawing for nothing (but I'm kinda happy since the upper trees are weird)

I used the grandma of wirrow as Im_Trickerman because she's really cute but I had to redraw her make her fits with the other characters

sorry Ephraim you don't look like yourself, I tried, I swear

that's all for the talk, I'll try to keep you informed of the on-going of this mission :B


PS: I can upload the psd if someone needs it, it's all cleaned and I even names the layers in english !

peace out

mean mean mean dinosaur - last part illu

Created: Aug 22, 2013

Tags: goo goo plot, photoshop, ephraim, grammie, mean dinosaur, nicedinosaur, lights, digital, ostrich, background, grandma, vertical, color, outside, night, film, drawing

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