A Mascara Masterpiece

By MimiMadeline

I've had the idea to draw with mascara for a while now because I love the striking black-on-white look. This piece is a collection of some of hitRECord's biggest collaborations:

-On Fire All The Time
-Nothing Big
-Wirrow's Template Game
-Alyssa's Clouds/Sun/Stars/Sky
-Row Your Boat
-Kate's By Road
-I Am
-Inception Dream Doc
-Through the Looking Glass / Alice
-Marke's Pocket Autopsy
-RE: Love
-Lizziemackie's Your Inception Totem
-Silverwings' Paper Cranes
-Nature Photographs
-Morgan M. Morgensen
-The Man in the Herringbone Hat
(And my four collabs
-Dream Team Theme
-Windows That Could Be Doors
-Inception Ticket Stubs
-Music Inspirations)

A lot of these were catching on fire during the process. It's busy and messy as a representation of hR. Things are rather busy and messy here too. ;)

I think it's cool but maybe I'm just weird. The more you want to notice each detail, the more you will. The picture quality doesn't do it justice. Hope you like it! Leave comments! This took many hours.

A Mascara Masterpiece

Created: Aug 05, 2010


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