Eerie & Eevil

By classicfan

They're coming for you....

I love old black and white movies, especially the horror genre, because without the super special awesome special computer graphics and effects they were able to create great suspence and actually be scary. It was the leading up to the scary scene, the whole set up, including music, lighting and carefully chosen camera angles, that was fully responsible for making you frightened. They used to rely on and play with the imagination of the viewer rather than force-feeding you gruesome stuff. And that, I think, is true cinematographic genius. :)

So this is my tribute to the good ol' black n' white cinema. My two little twins, Eerie and Eevil.

Eerie & Eevil

Created: Aug 29, 2009

Tags: old horror cinematography, vampire, eerie, horror, twins, blood

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