Why I Hit the Heart

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More than a simple thumbs up, it's a way the entire hitRECord community can communicate as one sort of... organism. Together.

Here's why I hit the heart button and Recommend RECords...

It's a tool towards democratic meritocracy.
Mass communication.

The computer doesn't understand when I say "good job," or "bad job". The computer doesn't speak English. But when I Hit the Heart, the computer understands it. And counts it. It helps organize our RECords.

Few of us have time to hit every RECord here. So how do we choose which? The first thing I do when I arrive on hitRECord.org to get a quick sample of stuff that's resonating with the community right now is to hit the Beating Heart. Then I check the rest of the Recommended RECords, the ones with the highest Heart Rates. I probably haven't explained all this stuff as well as I could and should have. Heart Rate is a simple ratio, Hearts divided by Hits. Of the folks who've seen this, how many of them Recommended that others take a look?

The other place I usually find new RECords is on hitRECorders' Recommended list. On our own hitRECorder page, it displays our RECords, and below that it displays our Recommends. We make our Recommended list by hitting the heart button.

Now I know bringing numbers and math into the creative process sounds sort of scary and counter-intuitive. But personally, I've never had that aversion to numbers. You know how often great mathematicians are also great musicians? It's a matter of patterns. Intervals. Rhythms.

Obviously, as a message from one individual to another, showing someone a little picture of a heart doesn't mean much. But those Hearts really aren't about a message from one individual to another; they're a way that the entire hitRECord.org community can communicate as one sort of... organism. Together.

Here's a conversation Teafaerie and I had about it...


Created: Aug 27, 2009

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