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Per request, a story of my first kiss

I had to ask my friend Bevin about this, since my memory is shot. But zach4567 and Hana requested I add this to the writing collab, so here it is.

My first kiss occurred the summer between middle school and high school.The Kentucky air was thick and steamy and carried the buzz of cicadas, a signal of the end of summer. The evening was planned out by my best friend Bevin: the boys would meet us at the theme park and we would have hours of non-supervised fun...with boys. Bevin was dating Adrian, and they had kissed already and done "other stuff". I wasn't sure at that point what the "other stuff" was, and I wasn't completely convinced she did either. Bevin told me on the way into the park that she had already talked to Adrian who talked to Chris who said that he was going to kiss me that very night.

The only kisses from non-relatives I had experienced before that were very quick pecks on the lips or cheeks. My brother had tried to teach me about kissing only a few weeks before. He said, "All you do is tilt your head, open your mouth and slowly move you tongue into his mouth," all while demonstrating on an invisible girl. I remember that I was conflicted with Brian telling me this because he told me this while he and I were packing up his room before he left for college. I didn't want my big brother to leave me alone to fend for myself. He squeezed this advice and other tidbits, like how to forge Pop's signature, into the last few weeks he was in town. There was a sense of foreboding while I packed his tapes and posters into the boxes. I knew things were going to change, but desperately wanted them to stay the same.

Adrian and Chris were not friends. Adrian was a skater boy who wore all black and had long hair; Chris was wearing the same acid wash jean shorts he had the summer before and was drenched in Polo cologne. But that night they were brothers bonded on a mission. Knowing they had a plan did not make my night easier. It was a typical Kentucky summer night: very humid and very hot. This increased the amount of sweat my nerves produced on my hands. But Chris did not let go of my hand for longer than a few seconds the whole evening. I remember thinking it was the longest evening in my life. We rode rides, bought soda and icecream, and Chris won me a teddy bear by hitting three targets in a row with a baseball. As the evening progressed, Chris seemed to somehow become cooler. Wiser. More like a man. I increasingly felt more like a child.

At the end of the night, a little before Bevin's mom would come to pick us girls up, we decided to ride the Ferris Wheel. The boys went to get tickets, and Bevin and I went to the restrooms. Bevin frantically grabbed me once we were inside and almost yelled, "Chris is going to kiss you and he's going to put his tongue in your mouth, so don't freak out. OK?" I was stunned. Although I had known there was a plan and everyone was in on it, I was suddenly very sick and light headed. We rode the Ferris Wheel, but he did not kiss me. We rode it again. Still no kiss. I was beginning to think that he had changed his mind. After the ride, Bevin and Adrian walked ahead of us a little and Chris stopped. Very gently he put one hand on my waist and the other hand on my chin and leaned in and kissed me. His tongue was in my mouth before I knew what was happening. I just stood there. It lasted for only a few seconds, then he stood up straight, took my hand and continued to walk on, as if he hadn't just completely changed my life. I could only smile at him, and he back at me. It took me a few seconds to realize that it had happened, and another few to realize that Brian and Bevin had not prepared me enough for this momentous occasion. Since we could not mention anything in front of her mother, Bevin and I could only giggle all the way to her house. I had to describe the kiss in detail numerous times over the next week until it became legendary.

The summer ended and I'm not sure what happened between me and Chris. I'm not sure if we broke up, or eventually just didn't talk. Our lives were about to change, and they weren't going in the same direction. Chris and all of our friends would continue on to the local public high school. I was going to private school with all girls. My new clothes were two polyester, box-pleated, navy skirts, four button down white shirts, and a navy wool sweater bearing the school emblem. I knew that summer would be the last I spent in that life of childhood friends, small town life, and predictable events. I only saw Chris one more time after that. He drove to my house a year later to show me his new truck. I was happy to see him, but it had been too long; too much had changed.

Standing in front of the Ferris Wheel recently, I remembered that night. I don't remember all the details of that summer, but I remember the emotions. I see that little girl standing in the theme park; standing between childhood and adolescence. I have an urge to protect that little girl from what was to come in the years that followed that hot August night. To keep her from all the pain. To keep her in the moment of that first kiss, when everything was innocent, and the boy stood tall and secure over her, never letting go of her hand. But even she knew you must walk forward, and can't go back. However, it's nice to hang out with her every once in a while.

Created: Aug 27, 2009

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