A Childhood Conception

By AmbrenotAmber

So, how on earth did this mess of a video happen? I'm a little confused, myself.

This is only my second video, and I had intended on doing a rendition of "The Final Poem (Through the Looking GLass)", but along the way... it became a bit too dark and I felt it didn't fit with what I had envisioned. So, I let that go, and went in the direction I felt like going in. Which, I have to say, was one hell of a pain in the ass, but kind of that dull pain that sort of feels good. I just wish my computer did not crash every 10 mins, because I so could have used the sleep.

And, thus, the video was born. I don't have much of an idea as to what it's supposed to express, but a child's conception of blah blah blah sounded good enough. It needs a name to define itself from all your wonderful RECords.

I hope someone can do something with it, it feels a little unfinished to me, and I'm a bit pissed off that the marks were off as they were not before the birthing of my creation into existence. Shucks!

Anyways, Voila! Enjoy. . . or not.

Update: I remember now what the intent of the video was, after watching the comparative tests video listed below, I felt saddened for the child and wondered what sort of memories that child would have, thoughts and feelings and tried to translate them above. There.

Here are the rest of the resources not on hitRECord:
A Colour Box
The Golem
To Hear Your Banjo Play
Comparative Tests On A Human And A Chimpanzee Infant Of Approximately The Same Age, Part 2

A Childhood Conception

Created: Aug 05, 2010


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