Traveller Shot List

By jaron

CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS! We need you to go out and shoot the scenes for our Collaborative Short Film THE TRAVELLER. Below is a Numbered Shot List based on RegularJOE's "The Traveller (Numbered Script)," which is here:

Consult the script:



*First and most important: Don't forget to read the script.  There is a lot that happens in each shot.  These notes are only a reference for style.  The script is what you really need to shoot.

* Should look like a point of view, a person’s true perspective.

* Don’t worry about any OS dialogue

* Lens should be fixed (not zooming) and should be on the wider side but not a fisheye or distorted lens. 

          - For example, on a Canon 5d – around 45mm, Canon 7d – around 30mm, iphone – normal not zoomed in.


The Traveller (Numbered Shot List)

1.     SCENE ONE - Child's Birthday


   a.     Low POV (figure 5 year old – we never see this person, only the hand at the end) sitting in a decorated living room     (imagine the parents are outside where the party has gone and come back to get the kid)

   b.     Camera should look around room.

   c.     It’s daytime

   d.    Either Mom or Dad enter and camera looks to them as they look straight at camera

   e.     5 yr old (or so) hand enters frame right reaching up – hand reaches in to middle of frame, focus goes to the hand as the  hand enters the frame


2.      SCENE TWO - Subway


   a.     Emphasize crowd and claustrophobia in each direction

   b.     Start out standing POV

   c.     Pole starts out of frame and we see a hand reaching in from frame right moving into the center of frame. 

   d.     Camera pans with the hand to arrive on the pole

   e.     Camera looks one way (left), then the other way (right).

   f.      In the background the tunnel goes by outside the windows – so we see the motion of the subway

   g.     Camera looks down at crowded feet

   h.     Camera looks up at ceiling


3.     SCENE THREE - Park - dog



   a.     Camera looking up at trees against sky (above horizon line – no horizon in shot but not straight up)

   b.     Camera looks over to woman (pans over – imagine the dog was looking away from the woman and then looks back at her – still a low angle up at the woman – full shot of woman – woman must have pink sweater)

   c.      Woman leans down into CU and gives biscuit straight at camera and it drops just below frame – where the dog’s mouth would be.

   d.     Woman in frame lifts Camera up and puts into a bag – image becomes obscured and the edges of the purse form two black sides of the frame making a triangle of sky in the middle. (SEE SCENE 3 END REFERENCE VIDEO)


4.     SCENE FOUR - Old Man



   a.      Camera looks up at a fan – the two far walls match the frame elements of the purse with the dog and the ceiling is the triangle cut out in the middle (if the walls had a darker paint than the ceiling that would be great) (SEE SCENE 4 OPEN REFERENCE VIDEO)

   b.     Camera pans over to photos on a side table. (Imagine the camera moving as your head would) - the shot cants sideways as it looks at the photos.  The old man's arm is in the foreground.  The angle of the cant doesn't have to be fully sideways.  It can be just off 45 degrees.


5.     SCENE FIVE - Daughter and Magic


   a.     Camera stands looking down at a young girl (6 or so – important thing is she is short – below camera) doing a magic show

   b.     She holds up a card at lens – it comes into a very tight shot – just her hand and the card (queen of spades)


6.     SCENE SIX - Woman making love



   a.     Camera is super tight and abstract (SEE SCENE 6 REFERENCE VIDEO)

   b.     It starts on an arm and looks up to the neck (just pieces)

   c.      Focus is very shallow

   d.     Camera looks from the neck to side of her face

   e.     We see an eye for a brief moment, she might glance at camera, but focus goes out or shot moves away to her mouth

   f.      Camera moves back to her neck and closes in until the shot goes black (camera pressed against her neck)


7.     SCENE SEVEN - Fireworks


   a.     Camera is pointed up at the sky

   b.     Any trees or other things in the shot are dim and not prominent

   c.     Night time, dark

   d.     Shot stays in that position waiting for the firework which should happen in the center of frame and large.


Looking forward to seeing all the footage that you shoot!

Traveller Shot List

Created: Jul 23, 2013

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