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The Edge of the Universe

By saintmaker

Looking back, it seems...ironic.

I am an astrophysicist.

And all astrophysicists have always known there was something missing.

Most of us thought it was the Higgs boson. 

The God Particle.

That wasn't it. It didn't explain the...unexplainable...the unattainable...until now.

There was something about the universe we just couldn't grasp.

We knew all the basics: matter, dark matter, energy,  the Big Bang.

But as of today, we are all fools. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Hawking...me.

We couldn't see the truth because we were in the middle of it...now the truth is here. 

7 billion people simultaneously in stunned silence. All of us will die today. We will die knowing the truth.

For 4 billion years, our known universe...the Earth, the Sun, the Moon...our galaxy...all of the galaxies we have ever been able to see...have all been contained inside a black hole.

We have been moving at 100 billion times the speed of light...toward the edge. We couldn't see it, because everything we saw was moving at the same rate.

And today we arrived.

At the edge of the universe. 

You would have thought the sudden stop would kill us. 

But there was no sudden stop.

There is only the edge.

I am able to calculate how fast our atmosphere is disappearing. We have a little over 11 minutes left.

The people in the Northern Hemisphere now have the best view. Although everyone is experiencing something unbelievably beautiful right now.

Colors we never knew existed.

Smells, sounds, vibrations...lights...lights...lights.

And here's the thing: just on the other side of the edge is a world just like ours. 

It may be a million miles away...or a few feet...it doesn't matter. I can see everything.

I see my wife. I see my mother and father. They passed from Earth years ago.

I see friends I have lost. Other people I have known. Many I had forgotten.

They are all looking at me. Also in stunned silence.

This is all too beautiful to be painful.

We are all floating now. Gravity is gone.

We are moving gently, closer and closer to the edge.

On the other side, they now are smiling...and crying...with arms outstretched.

I feel myself sliding through the edge.

Love...love is what we missed...love was the answer.


it's here...


The nurse says, "Your father's gone."

I feel relieved. My father, my wonderful father, suffered too many years.

Alzheimers is such a cruel disease.

He had been a brilliant physicist. And the world's best husband and father.

He struggled so hard to hold on to his...mind.

Even at the very end...in his sleep...he was talking. Incoherently for the most part.

Then suddenly a feeling of peace seemed to wash over him...and his beautiful smile was back. 

For an instant, I had my father again.

He held his arms out to me...I laid down in his embrace.

Then he said:

"It's here."

And I felt him float away.


The Edge of the Universe

Created: Jul 18, 2013


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