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A Short Chat Before Everything

By christopher.harn

Two people stand in front of a large glass window that looks out onto pure, total nothingness. It's completely black in front of them. Their clothes are simple, their features ordinary.


A: You nervous?


B: When does it start?


A: In about a minute and a half.


B: Relatively speaking, of course.


A: Well of course. Technically, time isn’t a thing yet.


B: We’re that far out?


A: Yeah. 


B: What’s it like?


A: ...


B: What?


A: I can’t even begin to communicate what it’s like. Words are inadequate when describing exactly what it’s like to see the Big Bang unfold before you, to see everything come into existence all at once. It’s unimaginable. It’s...I don’t even know why I’m trying. I can’t tell you, you have to see it for yourself.


B: So...none of the light from the Big Bang has hit us yet?


A: Correct.


B: ...There’s nothing you can tell me? Nothing at all?


A: It’s blinding...don’t look away. You don’t want to miss anything.


B: How many times have you seen it?


A: More than I can count.


B: And every’s still/ the


A: Yeah it’s still amazing. You go in with all these ideas of what it’ll be like...but...there’s nothing else like it. I wish I could get a glimpse into your head when you see it...the first time, it’s...hold on...


Person A checks his/her watch.


A: We’ve got fifteen more seconds. You want to just watch?


B: Yeah, if you don’t mind.


Person A nods. They look out at the darkness, their minds a storm of mixed emotions. Silence.


A: Everything begins in three, two,




A (cont’d): One.

A Short Chat Before Everything

Created: Jul 17, 2013

Tags: sci fi, script, edge, dialogue, big bang, space, universe, fiction

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