The REGULARITY (#29) 08/04/10

By The Regularity

I wanna talk this week about RECommendations. When we hit the heart to recommend a RECord we are not just saying that we "like" this RECord, no, we are giving our professional, artistic, creative opinion that we RECommend this RECord to to our production company.

This is how the cream rises to the top here, is by us collaboratively curating or own REcords, like a mass DJ.

So, I decided to go back through some of my recent RECommendations and choose 10 that I reRECcommend and make an album of them. Then I submitted that album to "The reRECommendation Collaboration."

If we can all start reRECommending RECords once a week in this fashion, I truly believe we can help our production company go through such a high volume of RECords and reveal the gems that we may want to produce.

Thanks Again,

Final Cut Pro by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY (#29) 08/04/10

Created: Aug 04, 2010


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